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Alpine Care Lodge

Alpine Care Lodge 24/7 Senior Care located in Kent, WA offers a caring and innovative solution for assisted living in a family environment.

Our carefully chosen staff provides a high level of warm and personal care designed to assist each resident in living a happy and dignified life. At Alpine Care Lodge, residents are encouraged to live life as independently as they are able.

We understand choosing a home for a loved one is one of the hardest choices a family or friend has to make. Because of this, Alpine Care Lodge 24/7 Senior Care wants to assist you in gathering information so you can make an informed decision that truly meets the needs of your loved one and you, the advocate.

Building a relationship with the family and advocates is important to Alpine Care Lodge. We welcome and encourage family involvement any time. We would like to provide a home for your loved one, but only if we are the best home suited to meet their physical and emotional needs.

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Our Services

  • 24/7 personalized care
  • Home doctor
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Hospice & Respite Care
  • Licensed practical nurse on-staff/IV-therapy
  • Medication management by RN, MDs and pharmacy

Our Network