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The Avengers is an extremely sound movie, as well as in a number of respects something of a cinematic wonder, as five different, loosely-tied together comicbook movies have managed to culminate in a picture offering all of those lead characters, and it's also in no way, shape or form the trainwreck that it could have been. Despite these different films being created by different groups that are creative, along with The Avengers being helmed with a whole new manager new to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there exists an absolute awareness of coherence and uniformity throughout each of those films, which is something to be respected.
No one has actually described how destroying a global contributes to world domination, however on the other hand, nobody has actually managed to pull-off among these destroy the globe first, request subservience later schemes.
And really that is it. To get twenty-minute film and a two-hour, there isn't that much happening in this narrative. That is a risk, the staff comes together, they don't get along, after which they do the danger is battled by them. As you're not a complete moron, the results is already known by you. The ending. Because therefore much of the origin function and character improvement was realized in previous movies, one would believe that would provide The Avengers room to be really out there and split and fascinating ' instead it is all really somewhat tedious, as there's a great deal of standing about and waiting, like the protracted series in the center where the personalities are searching for the movie macguffin, in this instance a space block known as the tesseract providing you with endless vitality, as well as the characters banter back and forth a little, but ultimately nothing happens and no one grows. His predicament is really not investigated in any way, although Chief America, thawed away 70 years later and having been frozen during World War II, gets lightly teased about truly being a fish out a water. And it is not a bit glad to make him the butt of a bunch of jokes when he's likely still sad about the proven fact that each single-person he knows and adores are all long-dead. No big deal, though, right? Thor does a lot of standing about and merely waiting for instants to make use of his sort, and Dr. Banner appears around trying not to Hulk out. But however, that is a lot of standing around.
So Black Widow can saves him Hawk-eye is in the film, and Black Widow is in the movie so she is able to conserve Hawk Eye. How fascinating. And while Thor is summoning lightning and thunder and smashing everything with his legendary hammer Mjolnir, and Tony Stark is flying about in his zillion-buck weaponized Iron Man match and raging people who have pulsar beams, and Captain America is using his super serum-derived skills to conquer unbelievable amounts of ass, and also the Hulk hulks out and fails, Hawk-Eye is shooting arrows at folks and Dark Widow is good with knives and handguns. What on Earth do these two humans that are boring need to include to the super-powered superheroes in this group? Nothing, that's what. Waste of time.
Also squandered in this movie are a couple of opportunities to actually do something different and interesting, but but rather these are only ideas then forgotten and raised. This gets raised again and not immediately covered aside, although for example there is a picture in which the heroes find out that the bureau they may be working for may have some slightly nefarious key schemes themselves. And then the big final battle, which occupies probably the final twenty minutes or so of the movie, is heroic and filled with explosions and scene plus it's all well shot and edited, with no hint of any crappy post modern action movie unstable cam garbage, however in the finish nothing fresh is done with any of the activity. The bad guy horde is an arbitrary alien army with no character or improvement, as well as the biggest, craziest elements of the battle seem like imitations of the best pieces of the Transformers films of Michael Bay.
In the pantheon of Marvel movies, The Avengers does not quite attain the rewatchable peaks of Ironman, but it is certainly not worse than the unsatisfactory Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk. It's popcorn munching, on the same degree as Thor and Captain America, more than passable as enormous budget entertainment. It has comedy, action, enjoyable characters, plus it places these things all in a package that is slick, ready for mass consumption. Congratulations, Disney and Marvel. You pulled it away.

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