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* 24 hour personalized care supervised by our on-staff Registered Nurse (RN).

* Home doctor.

* Licensed practical nurse on-staff

* Staff RN does assessments and nurse delegations.

* Medication management by RN, MDs and pharmacy.

* Caregivers are fully licensed and certified, meeting all state requirements.

* Caregivers participate in continuing education on topics such as dementia, techniques in long-term caregiving, and providing mental and social stimulus.

* High quality hot meals, made with fresh ingredients are prepared by our staff cooks.

* Nutritional planning, specializing in medical needs diets and/or preferences.

* Minivan equipped with lift and wheelchair access available to family members and advocates.

* Moving truck.

* Family support; recognizing that the issues around aging loved ones are complex.

* Our famous “get together” for the residents, family and friends on Holidays.

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Our Services

  • 24/7 personalized care
  • Home doctor
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Hospice & Respite Care
  • Licensed practical nurse on-staff/IV-therapy
  • Medication management by RN, MDs and pharmacy

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